the company


artistic statement 



The company’s work is primarily conceptual and  impressionistic. The influence of cultural diversity, social and cultural norms, and religious beliefs on human identity and behavior are the focus of our work.

Through a collaborative process, we use folk dance, religious rituals, social dancing, modern and contemporary dance, and improvisation as foundations for Amirov Dance Theater’s work. We treat choreographic composition as a multi-disciplinary endeavor, and develop all performance elements from movement to music to set design and costuming in symbiosis during the process.

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our mission          



Our mission is to create an emotional experience for our audiences through powerful and stimulating visuals and high technical skill. We strive to cultivate a diverse body of work, challenging and stretching the use of themes, movement, styles, topics, and artistic aesthetic. We treat each work as a new, different and independent  search, standing on its own. No one piece is like any other, and the only common thread in our repertoire is the diverse lens of the artistic director.